A Fathers Cry For Help San Diego County is kidnapping my daughter

San Diego, California Jul 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Luv Solutions — The County of San Diego Court System, Child Welfare, and other publicly funded systems work together to support each agency’s impact outcomes. The consequence of this seemingly incestuous relationship is destroying parental relationships with their children and the cause of the lifelong effects of trauma, within systems that promote their agency as “Trauma Informed”. These agencies must work in isolation from each other while investigating accusations and ensuring that there is evidence to support accusations. Because their reports influence the court system and ultimately affect the lives of vulnerable individuals and children. The following highlights are an example of one father’s journey that began with the manipulation of the systems to support the kidnapping of a man’s daughter.

For the past four years, Stewart Joseph Marto has fought to see his daughter. On July 31st, 2019 his ex-girlfriend Jannete Nava-Espinoza made arrangements with Stewart for him to care for their daughter while she went to work, she dropped their daughter off with him in the morning. When instead of going to work, that day she had a court hearing inside the San Diego Family Court and legally removed his custodial rights without his knowledge. Jannete had submitted a proof of notice to the court that stated he was served notice of the court hearing; however, Stewart was never served and had repeatedly informed legal representatives, that he never knew about the hearing nor was he served. When Jannete came to pick up their daughter that evening, Jannete informed Stewart’s father that his son would never see their daughter again. When Stewart attempted to call Jannete her phone was disconnected. When he went to her apartment, he found she had moved. The following day he called her at work Jannete informed him that she had full custody and he could only see their daughter using the agency Hanna House for supervised visitation. For months Jannete would not return Hanna House’s calls, or acknowledge his right to visit with his daughter. The San Diego Police Department would not allow him to file.a report or do a welfare check. Stewart had no idea where his daughter was, or how she was doing. This is kidnapping. No one until July 2020 had informed Stewart that there was a restraining order against him from contacting Jannete. He was informed when he was arrested for sending letters and making phone calls to Jannete. This arrest resulted in:

a $300,000 bail which was impossible to pay.
Stewart unknowingly hiring an unprepared lawyer that was friends with the DA attorney
Serving 8 months before his court date, during the COVID pandemic before vaccinations were available to those in jail, He got Covid while in jail.

Once the courts opened up again, Stewart went to schedule visitation with his daughter again. It had been 3 years since he saw her. During the hearing, Janette was told by the Judge that she had to comply with the supervised visitation orders. Now Janette is requesting a different branch of the court terminate Stewart’s parental rights and allow her husband Jesse Angel Ramirez to adopt their daughter. Stewart went back to the superior family court to request Jannete comply with visitation the superior family court informed him that his case was being placed on hold until there was a judgment made in juvenile court. It has been almost four years since he has seen his daughter, he may lose parental rights meanwhile there have been no consequences for not allowing him to know his daughter’s whereabouts, or visit her. The foundation of this is mostly unsubstantiated accusations made by his ex-girlfriend. and her manipulation of systems while causing Stewart unimaginable pain. July 27th, 2023 Stewart goes to Court in an effort to remain his daughter’s father.

The trial is scheduled to terminate Mr. Marto’s rights as a father and to allow Jannete Nava Espinoza husband Jesse Angel Ramirez to adopt his daughter. The foundation of the adoption case is that Mr. Marto has not interacted with his daughter in almost 4 years. As described above the court systemsand agencies have supported Jannetein violating Mr. Marto’s rights and court visitation orders to be part of his daughter’s life.

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