Aquaponics Sweden, Hydroponics System Updates & News Site Akvaponytt Launched

Akvaponytt, a new site for news related to land-based recirculating aquaculture in Sweden has recently launched. Land-based recirculating aquaculture is more commonly known as aquaponics, hydroponics and RAS. Directly translated, the name of the site derives from the Swedish words Akvaponi (Aquaponics) and Nytt (News). This portmanteau easily summarizes their goals as they aim to keep Sweden and the rest of the world up-to-date on technological advances, DIY guides and the latest news in the industry.

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The site was formed by a group of Swedish aquaponic-engineering students who found there was a need for a platform to stay updated on industry news and scientific studies both for specialists and those interested in land-based aquaculture. Akvaponytt aims to focus on industry news in Sweden, but will also factor in globally important updates since Sweden plays a natural role in global affairs.

Land-based recirculating aquaculture is a type of water farming that’s usually performed indoors and is considered to be one of the answers to solving the growing need for alternative food sources that are also sustainable. Hydroponics refers to soil-free cultivation of plants, RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) is fish farming on land, and aquaponics is using the fertilized water from a fish tank to grow plants. One of the founders of the website, Johanna Duncansby, says it makes sense to report on all three categories of land-based recirculating water farming. She also noted: “In the case of aquaponics, it’s like 1+1 makes 3. Essentially aquaponics is hydroponics and RAS combined. So to only report on one or two just wouldn’t be logical.”

Akvaponytt will share news articles, editorial pieces, reviews of products and guides. There is a choice of signing up for their newsletter which will be sent out on a monthly basis. The newsletter will contain top-reads of the month as well as a notice board where readers or businesses can advertise products or jobs. Akvaponytt also has a Twitter account where they share updates regularly.

A key part of Akvaponytt’s mission is to keep a positive tone within the content they share. This stems from the knowledge that there are many challenges and areas of development for those working in the area of land-based aquaculture, and therefore they have made conscious choices to keep things light, yet realistic, to better aid the community they are building. Johanna Duncansby said: “We pick out stories and write articles with the aim to inspire, without giving false expectations. I’m sure someone else will do great in reporting on the negative side of the industry, it’s just not for us and what makes Akvaponytt unique.”

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