ChiaArk: The POS mining machine went live on Jul. 12

On Jul. 12, 2021, the ChiaArk POS mining machine went live! Advocating a new carbon neutrality ecology, building a new economic entity subject to continuous cycle and promoting green living and production, ChiaArk consolidates step by step and moves ahead steadily.

What is ChiaArk?

As the ancillary incentive token of global miner, ChiaArk hammers at creating a green incentive layer to assist Chia in achieving the first corporate digital asset that is compliant and environmentally friendly in the world to increase several times of sustainable income for global miners, call on global miners to mine with zero energy consumption and promote the sustainable development of XCH.

XCHA is a negotiable token for incentive and reward of Chia miners and each miner participating in Chia mining has a chance to get it free of charge. When the Chia miner gets a XCH, ChiaArk will freely input 0.1 billion XCHAs and destroy 0.1 billion XCHAs at the same time.

Background of ChiaArk emergence

Since coming out, the digital currency based on Blockchain technology has are booming. Almost all the cryptocurrencies are produced based on various consensus mechanisms, and the mining business has become the cornerstone of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

With the development of the whole industry, the mining has also grown rapidly, while the original mining by the self-purchase mining machine has gradually faded out of the historical stage, and was replaced by the cluster mining mode in the form of mining pool due to the continuous improvement of the mining industry model. In the current stage, the mining model of verifying the transaction by single-purpose ASIC hardware has been criticized, while the Chia model for mining via remaining disk space (mining via hard disk) will become the new time minion.

Although the Chia mining has matured, the current ecological construction is still in the initial stage, and there are still some improvements to be made. Chia Ark is for filling the gap.   

Advantages of ChiaArk

The Chia Ark incentive mechanism is used for real-time measurement of the contribution made by each person via a series of intelligent equipment and algorithms in the Blockchain, and then such measurement is converted into incentive by reasonable token to be sent to the contributor promptly. The final value of these tokens depends on what we do, how much value is created by us and the specific provisions in the agreement. The tool-token is used together with the contract, and its final design goal is to enable the doer to pursue personal interests and coincide with the goal of maximizing the collective value by the enterprise. The design is ingenious and smart.

As the negotiable token for incentive and reward of Chia miners, ChiaArk has the following advantages:

● High precision: The minor actions and behaviors of the user can be measures.

● Transparency: How many tokens each behavior is worth is written in the algorithm which is clearly known by everyone, so the rule is completely transparent.

● Instantaneity: Because the reward is written into the algorithm, as long as this action is implemented, the token can be sent to him within the shortest time.

● Penetrability: The traditional incentive can be issued after layer-by-layer assessment and confirmation, but the token incentive based on the algorithm can be sent to the individual point to point with penetrability.

The sustainable development has always been the baseline and original intention needing to be upheld by human beings for scientific and technological exploration, so is the green mining concept advocated by Chia Ark. The goal of carbon neutrality requires the joint efforts by all mankind, and Chia Ark will make its own contribution to the realization of the this goal.

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