Dr. Egon Cholakian Publicly Addresses Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin Due to Progression of Climate Events

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Egon Cholakian Urgent appeal

Bromley, Kent Aug 19, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – In an urgent appeal, Dr. Egon Cholakian, a distinguished scientist has directly addressed world leaders from USA, Russia, and China.

“This is a matter of supranational security and a matter that affects every country and every individual citizen.”— A. Egon Cholakian

WASHINGTON , D.C., USA, August 17, 2023 Dr. Egon Cholakian, a distinguished scientist renowned for his work in climate research and national security, has directly addressed world leaders Mr. Joe Biden, Mr. Xi Jinping, and Mr. Vladimir Putin, highlighting the gravity of the ongoing destructive climate events that threaten the future of our planet and humanity.

Speaking through an open video address, Dr. Cholakian emphasizes that the fate of every inhabitant of Earth now rests on the shoulders of these distinguished leaders. “The situation is dire,” Dr. Cholakian asserts. “This is a matter of supranational security, and a matter that affects every country and every individual citizen. This is an issue that resides exclusively in your collective hands – just the three of you.”

Dr. Cholakian’s address underscores the need for urgent attention to a more severe factor contributing to anomalous changes in Earth’s climate beyond greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. He calls for an immediate and exhaustive investigation by the scientific community to uncover and address this critical issue.

Recently, on August 13, 2023, Dr. Cholakian released his first public statement concerning his discoveries and announced the launch of the Unified International Scientific Center (UISC) initiative through his platform, Earth Save Science Collaborative (ESSC). This groundbreaking initiative aims to unite scientists globally in a comprehensive multidisciplinary study of climate change’s profound effects and to develop viable solutions.

In today’s address, Dr. Cholakian shared, “The scientific community is ready to take action immediately, but a political declaration of will is imperative to bring about a full and requisite transition.” He urgently calls upon Mr. Biden, Mr. Xi Jinping, and Mr. Putin to initiate an international meeting of all state leaders to address this global crisis without delay.

Dr. Cholakian emphasizes that the urgency of the situation demands unity and collaboration on a global scale. “There is no longer a reason to wage wars and remain divided. The only sense lies in seeking ways to unite.”

Dr. Cholakian appealed to journalists to assist in disseminating this critical information to ensure it reaches the presidents of the countries and all citizens. He concluded his video address by emphasizing that global responsibility for addressing this crisis rests on the shoulders of Mr. Biden, Mr. Xi Jinping, and Mr. Putin. Their actions, will, and understanding will shape the course of our shared future.

For more information, please visit the Earth Save Science Collaborative (ESSC) website: https://EarthSaveScienceCollaborative.com

About Dr. Egon Cholakian

Dr. Egon Cholakian is a distinguished Particle Physicist with affiliations to CERN and NASA. He is a key contributor to the arrangement of NASA’s NISAR mission and a member of the International Association of Intelligence Educators. His extensive experience includes work on national security matters and international tax law. Dr. Cholakian has played significant roles under four U.S. Presidents, and he currently serves as a federal lobbyist at The U.S. Congress and White House. He has emerged as a prominent voice on climate change and national security-related matters.

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Source :Earth Save Science Collaborative (ESSC)

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