Duluth, GA Functional Medicine For Hashimoto Disease, Hypothyroidism Launched

The latest offering is ideal for individuals looking for a more natural way to relieve Hashimoto’s disease, led by Dr. Truc Nguyen. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder associated with hypothyroidism, which impacts the regulation of a person’s bodily functions. As a result of this type of autoimmune disorder, the body attacks healthy thyroid cells and cannot distinguish them from foreign cells. Functional medicine offers individual patients programs tailored to their own body’s biochemistry.

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As the reasons behind the immune system’s attack on the thyroid cells are not typically clear, Conscious Medicine’s new treatment protocol seeks to first identify possible interactions between environmental triggers – such as infections or stress – and genetic factors. Hashimoto’s Disease is difficult to identify and isolate because its wide-ranging symptoms – from dry skin to a puffy face and joint pain – are shared by many other conditions.

Functional medicine is a term often used interchangeably with integrative and holistic medicine. These disciplines overlap and all fall under the umbrella of CAM, or complementary alternative medicine, but functional medicine utilizes science-based research and testing to better appreciate a patient’s needs.

The CAM market in the U.S. is expected to keep growing at over 17% annually through the next several years, driven by a host of factors, including dissatisfaction with conventional treatments, the rising prevalence of chronic health conditions, and growing acceptance of alternative therapies that treat the entire individual – as opposed to the symptoms of a general condition.

Conscious Medicine’s goal with each patient is to promote their body’s ability to heal itself. To restore the patient’s health, the clinic will address the root cause of the patient’s hypothyroidism using a detailed assessment of the individual’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle makeup.

Additional details can be seen at https://consciousmed.co/hashimotos-flare-up-get-clear-on-what-to-look-for/

Dr. Truc Nguyen, Conscious Medicine’s medical director, has designed an approach to working with patients that combines the best of conventional medicine with functional medicine – referred to as the Conscious Healing Matrix, which covers all aspects of mind-body connections. The clinic customizes care based on how a patient’s situation maps onto this matrix, helping them implement individualized healing practices to optimize their health.

One patient commented: “I can’t say enough great things about Conscious Medicine. The whole staff is absolutely fabulous. When I have my appointment, everything is specific to my needs. I highly recommend Conscious Medicine to everyone.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine

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