E-Pal launches a host of new Lifestyle services on its popular Virtual Platform in Metaverse, that enables Gamers to Earn Money by Playing Games

E-Pal continues to add innovative Lifestyle services on its Metaverse platform that promises unending fun and entertainment for users of the platform.

LAKE FOREST, CA, USA – E-Pal, a California based innovative startup company, is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of “Lifestyle” services on their platform. These new services promise unlimited fun and entertainment to millions of their loyal users.

“Our new and updated version of E-Pal is finally live. We are excited to share the new set of features with our users,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “In the last few months, our team has been tirelessly working on the development of these new features and we believe that users will thoroughly enjoy them.”

E-pal’s Lifestyle services include the following:

  • E-chat:

This is a popular feature that lets users from all over the world to anonymously chat with other people on various topics of their interest. You can have a fun and relaxed conversation with ePals. No matter where you live, you can always find someone online to chat with.

  • Movie:

Watching movies alone can be boring at times. If you have some company, it can make the experience more interesting and enjoyable. The Movie feature lets you watch movies and anime with ePals. So, go ahead and schedule your next movie screening together.

  • Karaoke:

If you feel like humming your favorite song along with your favorite pal, you must check out the Karaoke feature. Sing along to millions of karaoke songs, with music and lyrics. Create some memorable moments. Sing with ePals, and rock together.

  • Relationship advice:

Relationships can get complicated and messy. Whether it’s with your friends, family, relatives or office colleagues, you may at times feel lost about what you could do to fix your relationship issues. Connect with one of the expert ePals, who will help you navigate your relationship.

  • Emotional support:

Feeling let down, frustrated, hopeless? We all go through rough phases in our life. ePals are here to help when you are in distress. They will offer genuine encouragement, reassurance, and compassion. Thus, helping to lift you to higher ground so you can see your way through the difficulty.

  • Wake-up call:

Having trouble waking up? If you are not a morning person and hit the snooze button only to go back to sleep again, you are not alone. Lots of people are naturally long sleepers who simply just can’t get up on time in the morning. Why not have ePals call you and wake you up in morning. Start your day with a cheerful voice from one of your favorite ePals.

  • Sleep Call:

Having trouble sleeping? There may be days when you find it difficult to go to sleep. No matter how much you try to sleep, you keep tossing and turning through the night, and wake up feeling worn out. Next time when you find it hard to sleep, talk to one of the ePals who can put you to sleep with their soothing voice.

  • Drawing:

If you are feeling creative but do not have the artistic skills to express your creativity, you can reach out to one of the ePals who can help put your imagination on a drawing sheet. Or if you are a budding artist and need someone to handhold and teach you the intricacies of drawing, you can arrange to draw together.

  • Language Exchange:

Learning a new language can be fun. Choose from hundreds of native speakers on ePal platform to learn different languages. Practice with them in role-playing situations. Learn at your own pace and at a time convenient to you.

  • Upbeat Conversation

Share positivity and happiness with upbeat conversations. Look for an ePal with common interest – or better yet – passion. That way your conversations will be naturally fun and not forced. An upbeat conversation can brighten up your day and drive away stress and worries.

  • Off my chest

Do you have something that is worrying you and you really want to share it with someone and get it off your chest? Or you have a secret that you want to confide in somebody. Check out ePals where you will always find someone willing to lend an ear. You can share anything and everything that is troubling you and ePals will help you find a solution.

  • Video call

Want something more than online chat or phone call? Check out the Video call feature where you can video chat face to face with ePals. Share your new dance moves, yoga poses, new recipe, new gadgets, or just go on a virtual tour. It’s a fun way to interact with each other.

  • Tarot reading

Interested in getting some insights into your past, present or future? Have ePals do a tarot reading for you and share useful information that can enable you to make better decisions regarding various aspects of your life such as career, relationships, business, etc. Exploring the world of tarot card reading is not only very enjoyable, it will also give you very good insights into areas of your life that were a complete mystery to you.

E-Pal is the largest freelancing platform for gaming companionship. They offer a unique virtual platform in Metaverse, that enables gamers to earn money by playing games. In fact, it is the first platform in the Metaverse that is creating well-paying jobs for online gamers. It will become the tipping point for people to start working in the Metaverse, and abandoning their real-life job.

“We strongly believe in User-first approach. We have over a million users today and are adding more users every day. We are constantly striving to make our platform better and are committed to providing the best user experience,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “We are always open to feedback. Our platform provides real-person Interactive entertainment across hundreds of games and other interesting personalized social interactions. The platform is dedicated to bringing real and unique experiences to all the young people out there.”

In addition to adding more features on the platform, E-Pal also ensures complete safety of the user accounts on their server. They have put systems in place to weed out scammers and spammers from their platform. The company takes the security aspect very seriously so that users can have peace of mind while enjoying the services on their platorm.

Today E-Pal boasts of several happy users who have shared positive reviews and testimonials about their experience using the company’s platform. The motto of the company is “Cutting-edge Platform and User-friendly Services” and these are the values that underpin the entire operation of the business. E-Pal is committed to providing the best user experience by continuously investing in upgrading their technology based on emerging trends and user feedback. The company’s commitment to user satisfaction is unparalleled which makes for a platform that users are proud to use and recommend to others.

About E-Pal

E-Pal is an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform chosen by over 1,000,000 users. In addition to providing gamers an opportunity to play games and earn money, it also offers useful and interesting lifestyle services such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep calls and more. Visitors to the site can also download the E-Pal app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For more information about E-Pal and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (https://www.epal.gg/).

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