Eric North aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’ guides people to get the ultimate solution

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Renowned Life Coach and Author Affirms “To Be Human Is To Be Alive With Possibilities”

New York City, New York Aug 3, 2023 ( – Eric North is a coach and guide who has found his passion in helping people and leading them to the next stage of their emotional and spiritual lives. Known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’, North helps people get back on their lives and grow themselves, no matter how fraught and anxious they may have been. He is a successful entrepreneur and after two thriving businesses, North has now dedicated his life to life-bending therapies and has been helping countless people since. In this new outlook, North talks about finding the ultimate solution to all of life’s problems in simple, uncomplicated words, those if followed correctly can lead to the ultimate happiness.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ tells that life is never a straight line and wants people to understand that any problems, any trouble can occur at any given point in time. According to the coach, the right step would be to gamble, that way losing may come but there will also be a possibility of winning life.

North says that human life is about possibilities and holding onto hope. When problems occur, if people continue to run and duck, it becomes the surest way to decline the growth and leads people to never find solutions. This is why, North tells his followers to always believe that every problem has a solution and even though what once worked might not be the current resolution, an answer is always waiting for everyone. To guide everyone in finding the ultimate working solution to life-altering problems, North talks about some points that people should consider in this journey.

According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’, he wants people to believe that they are the captain of the wheel of a sailing ship that is called Life. Just like a normal ship sailing in the sea, sometimes life is also peaceful and people can move fast through the waves to their destination. But at times, it gets stormy and people might feel confused and imbalanced at first, but it is important to never take your hands off the wheel. When this difficult situation occurs, Eric tells people to seek validation only from within and continue smiling with each accomplishment.

Eric North is a big believer in overcoming fear or obstacles with staying consistent. He says that society projects fear into everyone’s lives and this particular feeling can wreak havoc and cripple our ability for critical thinking. Countless examples are being presented to people in ugly words and behaviors that attempt to stimulate feelings of shame and guilt. This is why North discusses how important it is to see that fear is not real and that it is all created by others to suit other people’s purposes and narratives.

As ‘The Happiness Warrior’, North believes that fear is a demonstrative message that people must heed and disseminate. Instead, it is important to treat fear as a teacher and a vessel for finding our true powers within. North is also very vocal about being grateful for life itself and knowing that every day we live is an opportunity to be better. The only way to overcome fear as a danger is to think before acting and telling yourself that it is not your problem. Another struggle that North notices in today’s society is that everyone is worried about the unpredictable future which does not leave them enough time to spend in the present and ‘now”. As a result, people tend to focus primarily on self-created negative and painful emotions. The life coach states that anxiety over future events is the main reason that causes fear and negative emotions like stress, worry, and anxiety. He further says that this fear and anxious state most of the time comes from overthinking and worrying about events that will most likely never happen. They cause people to build defensive walls, stop listening to others, and prevent consciousness from expanding. There’s nothing positive about people’s lives when they continue to live in this incoherent reality.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that anxiety and stress do not only come from worrying about the unpredictable and unforeseen events of the future, but they can also get increased when people worry too much about past events, actions, and behaviors. In this state, forgiveness can be so hard for people to comprehend and understand. Often people give up when this hardship occurs but according to the life coach, everyone has the right to experience the freedom and growth that comes through realization and honesty. Even though at times it may feel like you have failed, it is important to realize that you have at least tried.

Grieving about failures comes naturally but according to Eric North what is important is moving on and using these memories to create ambition and motivation. North says that in every position what people must do is forgive as forgiveness gives humans an opportunity for renewal rather than living in a false narrative of guilt and shame. Without forgiveness, people might experience other negative emotions like bitterness, envy, sadness, and guilt which people can compartmentalize and dismantle. In this situation, people can choose to move forward in life with forgiveness and clarity by stopping using words that hurt us and keeping us still or silent. These are all old inequitable ways of controlling human lives that can slowly burn away with more transparency if people choose forgiveness.

On the road to finding the ultimate solution, people often question their true identities as they tend to be confused or are in fear of punishment and retribution if they were authentic. But ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says people should always remember even though it may feel like, there is nothing wrong with feeling different. North with his real-life experience can vouch for the fact that it is easier than we think to break the old cycles and live in a new paradigm of self-love and intention. With togetherness, it becomes easier to conquer fears and break free of guilt, shame, and feeling out of place. With these concepts, North says if society moves together, it can become just a concept that people can use to make their lives better. So get on this journey of self-improvement with ‘The Happiness Warrior’ Eric North today and know more at:

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