Katie Hornor Publishes The Flamingo Advantage for Christian Coaches and Authors

Katie Hornor (also sometimes misspelled “Katie Horner”) is a Christian business leader, coach, homeschooling mother of five, missionary, teacher, and course creator who has written 30-plus books. “The Flamingo Advantage” went live July 13, 2022 on Amazon.com and has reached the Number 1 spot in Hot New Releases.

To connect with Katie Hornor and find out more about the book, readers are encouraged visit the website at https://handprintlegacy.com/prtfabook and, while there, get the book for free by paying the shipping costs only.

Katie Hornor’s latest book, “The Flamingo Advantage,” was written with the aim of encouraging Christian business owners to live their unique vision because it’s only through this that they can serve those they are meant to serve. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because Katie Hornor’s message to readers and Christian business owners is to walk God’s path in their businesses so that they can serve more fully than they would if they were not inspired by faith.

“The Flamingo Advantage” sets its main focus on Katie’s mission, which is to raise up an army of Christian coaches and business owners with online courses and adult education opportunities so that God’s glory can be revealed in the marketplace. By embracing their uniqueness and their role in God’s story, these business leaders will also see their businesses as acts of worship, enabling them to create lifestyles of influence, confidently present the messages they’ve been gifted, and make the impact they were created to make to change the world.

Katie Hornor has a background as a teacher with a Master’s degree in Education from Bob Jones University. She feels she was created to be a teacher but in order to provide true help to other business owners, she had to also learn online business principles herself, including coding html, writing copy, the secrets of marketing, creating graphics, setting up email sequences etc. She wanted to help Christian business owners do these things more successfully, better, and faster. To that end, she has created multiple courses and her signature mastermind program.

When asked why she wrote the book, Katie Hornor said: “My purpose is to help Christian entrepreneurs, teachers and coaches embrace who you are in Christ in order to successfully do the work you’re meant to do in this world.”

Katie Hornor has hopes that the book will serve coaches and course creators who have lived their personal faith and want to make a bigger income and impact. She wants to reach those who are concerned with honoring God while still making money. She hopes readers will learn to leverage their uniqueness for who God created them to be so they can ultimately change the world for the better.

The flamingo theme of this book is a natural outgrowth of Katie Hornor’s previous books: “Faith Like Flamingos,” “Faith Like Flamingos Biz Planner,” and “Faith Like Flamingos Journal.”

But, says Katie, “Becoming known for flamingos was a bit of an accident. We took a family trip about three years ago to go see flamingos in the wild here in Mexico, where we live, because there’s a place where they all come and migrate in the winter. As we were coming home from that trip, the Lord just kept sort of handing me these lessons.

“You see, I don’t believe flamingos are conscious of how unique they are. They’re just there. They’re pink, out in the middle of this big expanse of blue and green, and none the wiser. And yet, to everything around them, they are so unique and outlandish. But they just accept who they are and go on and do what they were created to do.

“As believers, if we would stop focusing on being scared of how unique we are and embrace it and just allow ourselves to do what we were created to do, our entire world ecosystem would be better off. And that, essentially, is one of the big messages of this and my other ‘flamingo’ books.”

The author’s business is a family business. She’s very proud that the artwork in the book was created by her daughter Belle Hornor.

In a recent interview, the author also made a point of thanking her husband for his part in the creation of the book, saying: “My husband and business partner, Tap Hornor, oversees so many things that keep the business running behind the scenes as well as so many other details in our lives. Our company couldn’t keep going the same way without him!”

Those interested in learning more about course creation for coaches, the book, and author Katie Hornor may visit https://handprintlegacy.com/prtfabook to get a free copy of the book by paying only the cost of shipping.

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