MedTechs Suites Revolutionary Therapeutic Bedding Is Now Medicare Approved Providing Comfort to Healthcare Providers

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Finally a solution to the patient care crisis. Pressure sores, circulation, and fall risk, issues that plague the healthcare community for too long. MedTech, PillowSheets, Revolutionary Therapeutic Bedding is FDA, MHRA, and now Medicare Approved.

Atlanta, Georgia Sep 21, 2023 ( – MedTech Suites, a globally recognized FDA and MHRA Medical Device Company, proudly announces its revolutionary therapeutic bedding, PillowSheets. Backed by evidence-based research and receiving a noteworthy endorsement with approval from Medicare, PillowSheets is poised to be the next big thing in patient care.

According to a 2019 study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, pressure ulcers impact approximately 2.5 million patients in the U.S. each year, costing healthcare institutions upwards of $11 billion annually.

PillowSheets is designed to combat this. With its unique design that uniformly distributes pressure, it considerably alleviates pressure points while ensuring comprehensive body and lumbar support. Its ‘elevate’ foot pillows further address a critical issue, swelling, and circulation which according to a 2021 study in the Annals of Medicine, has been linked to prolonged hospital stays and increased morbidity.
PillowSheets, bearing the unique patent of seamlessly integrating a pillow system within the fitted sheet, eliminates the hazards and inconvenience of loose bedding. This product is not only an innovation but a response to a recognized need in the healthcare community. The brilliance of PillowSheets lies in its patented design, integrating a pillow system within the fitted sheet, eliminating the dangers of loose bedding. “Pressure ulcers have been an age-old concern. PillowSheets, as early trials suggest, is a transformative solution,” said Nadia Galloway, the brainchild behind this innovation. PillowSheets product is designed with longevity, safety, and comfort in mind.

A pilot study conducted in select skilled nursing centers, hospitals and care homes showed a 35% reduction in pressure ulcers, and increased reduction in fall risk incidences among bedridden patients using PillowSheets.

“The inspiration behind MedTech Suites was the need to address the pervasive problem of pressure ulcers, and circulatory needs, the primary healthcare risk for patients confined to their beds,” shared Nadia Galloway, the visionary inventor and mastermind behind PillowSheets. Marissa Hunt, Dream Operations Officer states “Our goal was to focus on improving patient outcomes for the most vulnerable.”
Designed for durability and hygiene, each sheet is water-resistant and is complemented with removable pillow inserts. This design ethos is perfect for extended bed rest, making it an invaluable tool for various healthcare settings, from hospitals and hospices to assisted living and home health. Since the unveiling of this medical line merely seven months ago, it has catapulted to become the top-rated bedding on

In addition to its unparalleled pressure distribution, PillowSheets offers built-in pillows strategically placed to deter skin breakdown. Notably, these fixed pillows also minimize fall risks and reduce nosocomial infections.

Rod Gamble, MedTech Suites’ esteemed Dream Healthcare Officer and an experienced registered nurse, remarked, “From my extensive global experience, I’ve never witnessed a solution like PillowSheets. It’s a game-changer in patient care while addressing pressure ulcers.”

Nadia Galloway emphasized, “In this age of evidence-based healthcare, PillowSheets is more than just bedding. It represents a future where healthcare solutions are rooted in tangible results. As we move into a data-driven era of healthcare, Nadia Galloway emphasized, “PillowSheets isn’t just a product; it’s an evidence-backed solution. The future of healthcare demands such innovations.”

About MedTech Suites: MedTech Suites champions therapeutic bedding innovation with PillowSheets. This venture marries meticulous research, breakthrough design, and an unwavering commitment to patient welfare. The Medicare endorsement (HCPCS Billing Code: E1399) underlines its merit.

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