New Bedford Physician-Approved IV Ketamine For Treatment-Resistant PTSD, Update

Recent research suggests that new ketamine therapy treatments may be able to help individuals who suffer from treatment-resistant mental health conditions. The Thrive IV Clinic has now expanded its treatment options to help individuals suffering from these conditions receive fast access to IV Ketamine therapy, in a physician-approved environment.

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While ketamine has been used medicinally for decades, it is only in the last 20 years that research has suggested it may be effective for clients with treatment-resistant conditions. Thrive IV’s newly added ketamine infusion treatments are available for a wide range of complications, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Although ketamine infusions have been proven effective against a range of conditions, these treatments are not ideal for every individual. New patients will be asked to conduct a thorough review with Dr. Pellegrino, the clinic’s ketamine specialist, to determine if this is the correct treatment, and how to proceed.

Each patient will receive individual attention and a personalized treatment plan after their case has been reviewed. While these treatments will vary, most patients can expect up to six infusions, over a 2 to 3-week period, with each treatment lasting approximately one hour.

All patients will be carefully monitored during their ketamine treatment so that dosages can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness. While most patients begin with low-dosage treatments, those with chronic pain may be given a higher dosage or extended treatment for their first visit.

While research into ketamine infusions is still ongoing, studies show that these treatments are both safe and effective. A recent study shows that 70%-80% of individuals can find ketamine infusions to be helpful against a range of conditions, including for those where standard treatment options have failed, Thrive IV says on its website.

Thrive IV offers a range of ketamine-based treatments, including low-dose, high-dose, low-duration, and long-duration options. Returning patients may also be offered a booster or maintenance therapy, which may take the form of infrequent low-dose treatments, or prescribed oral ketamine.

A spokesperson for the Thrive IV clinic explained, “We collaborate with patients towards the best possible treatments – we strive to maximize the duration and quality of results through appropriate dosing, adjunctive medications as appropriate, and maintain direct communication with your Psychiatrist, Pain Doctor, and Therapists. We are always re-evaluating the treatment plan and frequency that makes the best sense for your specific diagnosis.”

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