New Piedmont, CA In Home Creative Writing Memory Care For Seniors with Dementia

Elder Manage Care is revitalizing its creative writing activities – spearheaded by an elite group of esteemed writers and editors – which have been scientifically shown to aid in the battle against memory-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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In addition to improving their quality of life, with guidance from these professionals, clients immortalize their life adventures by way of captivating stories creating a long-lasting legacy for their families.

Cognitive health, or mental wellness, is about having a sharp mind; one that can easily absorb, process and retain new ideas. Sharp minds have the ability to remember essential facts such as phone numbers, birthdays, locations and current events.

Keeping the brain in good shape has numerous benefits for everyday life; from planning vacations and remembering where a car is parked to more practical things like managing daily tasks more effectively.

Elder Manage Care’s innovative Creative Writing Services introduce a new world of in-home care combined with creativity giving clients the chance to create a memorable heirloom for family members and companions. Combined with in-home elder care the service aims to assist in easing the burden on family members and friends who care for elderly seniors.

Although it takes a great deal of effort, the National Institute on Aging has shown that continually stimulating the mind can play a role in keeping cognitive skills sharp. The individual is continually challenged to learn new things, thereby stimulating the brain to create new pathways as well as maintain existing ones. Challenging the individual with new knowledge can even help safeguard the brain from other age-related issues.

Mentally engaging activities have been proven to be incredibly helpful for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In addition, the majority of elderly people report an increase in well-being and happiness when their minds are more active. Any task that exercises the brain can have a powerful effect on morale. Creative writing is an easily accessed gateway to such benefits.

Elder Manage Care has crafted a unique creative writing program, which allows its clients to share and chronicle the most important moments in their lives. Whilst boosting mental engagement participants have also noted that this activity helps them stay bonded with those closest to them – including relatives to carers and friends.

At the start of the process, staff assist clients in recovering meaningful moments and memories from the past. These are used to craft a core concept on which to frame the client’s life story. Family members then contribute any additional stories they can remember, amassing a priceless collection of special times together. The act of creation helps fight memory loss, improve recall and boost the quality of life.

A personalized service guarantees a unique, rewarding experience for each client. The Elder Manage Care team of experienced writers provides guidance through the entire process – from conversing with clients to proof-reading, acquiring family inputs and revising.

At the end, in addition to having boosted their cognitive functions, in-home care clients have a priceless family memoire that they and their families will treasure. This is Elder Manage Care’s end goal.

About Elder Manage Care

Since 2017, Elder Manage Care has been committed to providing cost-effective and dependable in-home care paired with innovative cognitive stimulation for seniors who desire to remain in their own home whilst warding off mental deterioration.

In addition to creative writing for memory care the agency’s in home help services range from meal planning and laundry to organizing schedules and maintaining the house.

A company representative stated: “Our Team helps clients retain autonomy and liberty in the comfort of home whilst offering creative writing activities to nurture the mind and fight cognitive decline.”

Elder Manage Care delivers its specialized services in Piedmont, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, Lafayette, Orinda and Foster City plus nearby vicinities.

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