Steel Crypto Recovery Tool XSEED Pro, Laser Engraved Seed Phrase Backup Launched

The XSEED Pro Seed, a new recovery phrase backup device launched on The Crypto Merchant website, offers similar secure storage to traditional steel backup devices, with the addition of an easy-to-use set of pre-engraved tiles, so traders are not required to use a steel punch.

More information about the XSEED Pro Seed tool, pre-engraved laser tiles, and other products from SecuX can be found at

Recovery phrase backup devices have become a standard tool for cryptocurrency traders, offering a secure method for restoring access to lost, stolen, or damaged crypto wallets. The new tool from SecuX, the XSEED Pro Seed, improves on the traditional storage method of punching holes in a steel plate by providing a complete set of reusable tiles.

Traditionally, to mark a recovery plate, traders would use a manual metal punch to make holes in the plate for each letter of their seed phrase. While this method is effective, it can also be time-consuming, difficult for traders with physical disabilities, and impossible to correct if a mistake is made.

Using the new device from SecuX, traders can unlock their device, remove the safety catch, and slide in a pre-engraved disc for each letter. This improved process allows traders to record their seed phrases with less manual effort, in a format that is easy to correct if there is a mistake. Unlike traditional recovery tools, this also allows the XSEED Pro Seed to be reused an indefinite number of times.

The stainless steel plates are engineered to be resistant to fire, water, corrosion, and impacts, using a 6 mm thick structure that resists warping. SecuX has tested the device against the most common causes of damage and found it highly resistant to explosions, and temperatures over 2600 F.

The XSEED Pro Seed is compatible with all hardware and software wallets and can store recovery phrases for up to 4 wallets using 12-word seeds, or 2 wallets using 24-word seeds.

One satisfied trader said, “This offline seed storage wallet is the nicest wallet of its kind I own. It’s heavy and solid. It is a solidly build tool and really reflects the price tag. Are there cheaper storage wallets out there? Yes. Are they this well-built and thought out? No.”

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