The new decentralized global transaction and clearing network protocol monster has succeeded in its public beta, which has attracted global attention

Looking at the global blockchain technology market, the DeFi protocol is innovating the financial market. These agreements can make financial solutions available to everyone. In addition, through the use of decentralization, innovative projects can add new features to the crypto industry.

Monster, a new decentralized global transaction and settlement network protocol, MonsterNetwork will build a platform that combines the liquidity of the global mainstream exchange/trading market with the superiority of DeFi financial services based on the mature underlying blockchain infrastructure. Centralized, borderless, trustless, etc.) integrated world-class financial service platform, providing advanced investment trading platform and complete trading tool support for traditional financial institutions and commercial applications.

Monster’s goal is to establish a brand new Defi ecosystem. Based on mature underlying cross-chain protocols (COSMOS, Polkadot, etc.) or cross-chain state channel technology, Monster implements cross-chain exchange and payment functions between encrypted assets. Monster can not only be used for decentralized trading and clearing and settlement functions, but also provide trading users (such as institutional investors and high-net-worth customers) with the transaction depth of mainstream exchanges (centralized and decentralized) and merchant nodes. One-stop decentralized prime broker service, the service content includes transaction matching, financing and currency financing, asset management, data services and function value-added, etc.

After several years of development, the Monster team has solved the current technical performance bottlenecks in the blockchain market, high gas thresholds, numerous projects, difficult to distinguish between true and false, numerous exchanges, cumbersome switching, multiple public chains, and difficult asset management problems. , To create a new decentralized global trading and clearing network protocol, dedicated to solving the barriers between single-chain decentralized exchanges. Create a convenient and unobstructed DeFi aggregation trading platform.

Just recently, Monster successfully launched a global public beta, which has been recognized by the market. Monster’s technical stability has successfully aroused the cheers of users around the world, and the smoothness of the system is surprising. Monster is positioned to create a decentralized global transaction and settlement network protocol. , Will adopt the technical solution combining Layer1+Layer2, taking into account multiple characteristics of asset security, performance, privacy, and decentralization, so as to create an epoch-making new digital asset transaction protocol

In the future, the basic functions of the transaction agreement will achieve the following design goals:

◎ Trustless transaction mechanism;

◎ Strengthen application-level barriers (operations, resources and traffic, etc.) to reduce the risk of forks;

◎ Connect and integrate the trading market and trading depth of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges;

◎ Break through the scalability bottleneck of current decentralized exchanges;

◎ It has cross-chain interoperability and is compatible with the native tokens of a variety of underlying public chains;

◎ Sharing liquidity;

◎ Built-in dark pool trading features, which can support splitting and independent trading of large transaction orders;

The future is here, and the birth of Monster heralds the beginning of a new era of decentralization. Let us wait and see.

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