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Las Vegas, Nevada Jul 14, 2022 ( – Each year millions of travelers save on their expenses via the different airline miles programs offered all around the US. However, it’s always better when consumers get a choice between different services. explores just this, in their latest publication about flight cashback.

What is a flight cashback?

A flight cashback is a simple dollar value a traveler gets back after each booking. A good cashback program is one that needs no dedicated credit card or other commitment.

TopFlightsNow highlights that a program like this gives more freedom to customers. They are not locked into an airline’s or an airline alliance’s routes only. This fact gives travelers more choice and a better chance to actually find cheap tickets.

They also stress that a good flight cashback program offers more than just airline tickets. A good program lets customers get cash back on hotels and rental cars as well.

Flight cashback programs can range from 5% to 10% of cashback on traveler’s purchases.

How is cashback different from airline miles?

TopFlightsNow states that the main difference is the currency. In the case of a cash back, it’s simply USD. People taking advantage of the cashback program receive money for their money spent. They in turn can spend their cashback any way they want. Even on non-travel expenses.

Airline miles are generally tied to one airline or one alliance. TopFlightsNow mentions that this limits the things travelers can spend airline miles on. They also lock users in a system where it’s encouraged to pick a certain airline to receive further rewards.

Of course, generally speaking, users get a bit more via airline miles since it’s in the best interest of airlines to keep customers buying their own seats.

There is also another aspect of airline miles as TopFlightsNow makes a note: travelers usually get other perks than just points. They can receive free baggage or priority boarding if they have an airline credit card.

When it comes to cost real cashback programs and airline mile programs both come with a yearly fee. They are actually similar in cost.

Travelers can combine rewards for more saving

The main highlight of TopFlightsNow is that travelers can actually combine this real cashback with other rewards. As the cashback program is not tied to anything users will get a cashback on all bookings.

When booking a trip they can usually enter their airline loyalty number or get cash back on their credit card as they would normally do for all purchases.
Customers can even activate their loyalty discount when booking a hotel on the most popular booking sites. When everything is combined, travelers can save up to 10-15% of their total cost.

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