Wendy Williams, TV Return, Song Dedication

Singer-Songwriter, Fan Dedicates Empowernent Song, “Bet Not Take My Soul,” To The TV Icon

LOS ANGELES  – Oct. 15, 2021 – The Wendy Williams’ show is seen worldwide. As fans await her return to the purple chair, a singer-songwriter fan, Temperance Lancecouncil, has dedicated her female empowerment song, “Bet Not Take My Soul,” to the television icon.

Lancecouncil: “I first heard of Wendy during her radio days as she made headlines reporting on Whitney Houston. I held the same college major. I couldn’t walk that journey like Wendy did of starting in a bottom market and ending up on top. I’m a fan; that’s commendable.”

“Bet Not Take My Soul” takes inspiration from the television broadcaster’s marital strife; but the song’s core message is universally empowering for all women in such entaglements. “If my man wanna leave me, if my man’s gonna go, he can take away my money, but he bet not take my soul,” is the song’s opening line, written by Lancecouncil, who released it years ago.

The gritty, heartfelt lyrics tell the tale of a husband leaving his wife for a new woman – a stripper – and in the process, takes her hard-earned cash. Having no choice in her marital demise or his alimony winfall, she executes her choice to not allow him to irreparably harm her mentally or “take her soul.” Her power is in her auatonomus, decision to remain stedfast.

“The lyrics hit home for many married women who’ve been betrayed by a spouse they’ve

‘brought up from the streets;’ helped put in political office; gain notoriety; financial or social status, only to be unceremoniously replaced. This is a song about a woman self-affirming her own power. That’s why I’ve dedicated it to Wendy, my yankee cousin,” says the American Southern, country-soul singer.

Lancecouncil acknowledges that none of us definitively know if Wendy’s delays have to do with the well-publicized behavior of her ex-husband, but we’re all aware of media reports. “If true, hope her staff sends her the song. I’d like to see Wendy harness the fortitudinous tenacity that she used to claw her way to the purple chair and defeat whatever’s disempowering her. She’d be showing women globally, that they too, can regain lost power. I encourage women to listen because “Bet Not Take My Soul” is available globally. Take back your power Wendy ’cause you can do it! Yes, you can!”


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