10 Reasons You May Want To Have Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ: MYNZ) On Your Radar

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

The WHO reports that colorectal cancer is the second most fatal cancer around the world. However, it is also the most preventable, with early detection leading to survival rates above 90%. Alarming statistics reveal that new cases of colorectal cancer in individuals under the age of 50 have been steadily rising over the past few decades. Colorectal cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death for Americans between the ages of 20 and 59 years old according to the National Cancer Institute. However, younger adults are not routinely screened for colorectal cancer as it is still relatively uncommon in their age group.

Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ: MYNZ), a company that specializes in developing molecular genetic diagnostic solutions for life-threatening conditions, has created ColoAlert, an innovative product that addresses the need for easier and more accessible cancer screenings for quick detection and treatment of colorectal cancer. This non-invasive and user-friendly test aims to make colorectal cancer screening fast, simple and precise.

The company seems to be gaining momentum in the industry, and here are 10 reasons you may want to keep your eye on them.

Flagship Product For Early Detection

Mainz Biomed has developed a flagship product, ColoAlert, which has the potential to establish the company as a frontrunner in the early detection of colorectal cancer. By providing a highly sensitive and accurate screening tool, ColoAlert has the capacity to revolutionize the way colorectal cancer is detected and treated. The test is the first DNA-based screening test for colorectal cancer in Europe, which sees the highest incidence rate for colorectal cancer.

Tapping into A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

While this innovative screening tool will be useful to young people who dont get regular screenings, is not limited to younger ages. In fact, ColoAlert may have an annual market opportunity of around $3.7 Billion in the U.S. for testing populations aged 50 and above every three years, as recommended by the FDA. ColoAlert's unique genetic profiles allow for tailored treatment for each individual patient, leading to better health outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer. This revolutionary product is a major stride in combating colorectal cancer and has the potential to save countless lives.

As GenX individuals age into their 40s and 50s, they become part of the age group recommended for colorectal cancer screening. This demographic shift presents a significant market opportunity as the demand for screening and related services continues to rise.

Experienced Leadership Team

Mainz Biomed has successfully attracted former executives from major pharmaceutical giants to its leadership team. CEO Guido Baechler, a former Roche Molecular Diagnostics executive, brings invaluable expertise to the company's strategic development. Additionally, Chief Commercial Officer Darin Leigh's extensive executive commercial experience across leading life science and healthcare firms further strengthens the companys leadership.

Positive Feedback And Upcoming Studies

Mainz Biomed has already received encouraging feedback for its lead product, ColoAlert. This feedback serves as an endorsement of the product's effectiveness and potential impact on early detection. Furthermore, the company expects upcoming study data to validate the clinical benefits and efficacy of ColoAlert, further bolstering its role as an essential tool in colorectal cancer screening.

Detecting Precancerous Conditions

The company's focus on detecting advanced adenoma represents a significant stride in identifying colorectal cancer at a precancerous stage. By identifying and removing these precursors during screening, Mainz Biomed helps prevent the progression of the disease and reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer. This early intervention can have a profound impact on patient outcomes and survival rates.

Strong Price Target

Analysts have set an $11 price target for MYNZ, reflecting the positive sentiment surrounding the company's growth potential. This price target implies confidence in Mainz Biomeds ability to capture a significant share of the market and generate value for investors. The company has seen significant revenue growth in 2023 — the revenues generated by ColoAlert in the first half of 2023 surged by 108% when compared to the same period in 2022 as the company expanded international commercialization for ColoAlert and entered new markets in Europe. This remarkable growth further solidifies Mainz Biomed's position in the industry and showcases its ability to develop groundbreaking products that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Flagship Product Competes With Large Players

Mainz Biomed's ColoAlert competes with Cologuard from Exact Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS), a well-established company that commands a market cap of over $10 billion. Its clear that even in the earlier stages, Mainz Biomed is shaping up to be a formidable player in the field of early detection for colorectal cancer.

Expanding International Presence

The company is actively pursuing international commercial activities to introduce ColoAlert to a global market. By expanding its reach, it aims to increase accessibility to its innovative screening product, ensuring early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer on a global scale.

Strong Financial Position

The company also boasts of a stable financial position due to ample cash reserves, enabling the company to fund ongoing operations and drive growth initiatives effectively. In June, the company secured up to $50 million in new funding. This financial strength provides Mainz Biomed with the stability and resources necessary to invest in research and development, expand its portfolio and bring innovative products to market.

Strategic Partnership For Novel Biomarkers

The company has established a strategic partnership with Microba Life Sciences to explore the discovery and integration of novel microbiome biomarkers into its pipeline asset, PancAlert. By leveraging Microba's expertise, the company aims to develop PancAlert into a potential first-in-class screening test for pancreatic cancer, addressing a critical need for early detection of this challenging disease.

The Future For Mainz Biomed And Cancer Diagnostics

Mainz Biomed is on a mission to become a leading global provider of easy-to-use diagnostic solutions for patients and healthcare providers everywhere. The company heads into the second half of 2023 confident of future growth as ColoAlert gains more traction in Europe and select international markets.

The company also has a busy pipeline. It is ramping up enrollment planning for ReconAAsense the companys U.S. pivotal study for its flagship product and executing clinical trials evaluating a portfolio of proprietary novel gene expression (mRNA) biomarkers for potential inclusion into ReconAAsense. Through its partnership with Microba Life Sciences, Mainz is also advancing PancAlert, its next-generation pancreatic cancer detection test. Interested investors may want to watch out for data from the companys two feasibility studies.

With a combination of innovative products, experienced leadership, an active pipeline and strategic collaborations, Mainz Biomed seems well-positioned to make a significant impact on the early detection of colorectal and potentially other markets like pancreatic cancers. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of diagnostic technology and growth trajectory seems to be making them a force to be reckoned with in the industry, setting them apart from their competitors.

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