Why will Trump win the 2020 election?

When people think, God laughs. Trump will definitely win this election. No reason is needed, just believing. In order to avoid being labelled as a god-stick, I will talk about Eastern Zen Buddhism. When Master Bodhidharma taught the Dharma, he said that “no words are directed at people’s hearts”, pointing out that truth cannot be expressed in words, and what is expressed in words is not truth. The Diamond Sutra Buddha Shakyamuni also stated that the Buddha has never taught the real Dharma, and everything I say is not the righteous Dharma. Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching preaches, Tao can be very Tao, Tao is simple. Also said the unspeakable truth.

Let’s talk about the amazing experimental results of modern biology and neurology. After rigorous scientific experiments, experimental experts have discovered that the time for humans to act is before the thinking and decisions of the human brain. What does this mean? That is to say, before your brain makes a decision, your nerves command your body to act before your thinking and decision-making, but the time is so short that you can’t even notice it. Therefore, the destiny of human beings is predestined, and our brain’s thinking is only an explanation based on the results that we can understand and believe in our own behavior. In other words, we mistakenly believe that our destiny is the result of our own thinking and choices, not determined by karma and the Creator.

Therefore, I said that Trump will definitely win the 2020 election. It is a script written by God long ago. We just believe that there is no need to worry and worry. Wu Chengen, the author of Journey to the West, has a metaphor at the end of the book, that is, the Buddha recites in Tang Seng and his apprentices are not far away, and the sincerity of seeking the scriptures after hardships is commendable. At the beginning, the Tang Seng was given the Lingshan Supreme Treasure Without Words scripture, but Tang Seng discovered halfway through Later, he returned to the false scriptures, which was supposed to be a mockery of him. Finally, the Buddha lamented the dullness of the sentient beings in Nanchan Tribe, and gave Tang Seng the scriptures with words that he believed were true scriptures. As the saying goes, there must be chaos. As time goes by, the chaos of the age of human nature is degenerate, and this is the root of the chaos.

The above text is just as everyone is worried about Trump. Now, let’s make a joke with everyone and relax. Next, we will use the habit of giving reasons to believe and talk about why Trump will win the 2020 election.

First of all, in the 2020 election, Trump and Biden have both said that they won? So, is the truth important or Trump’s win?

It is more important than Trump’s win. If we think that as long as Trump can win us regardless of the truth, then Trump is just like Biden by all means to win. We are not worthy to support Trump. Therefore, we first believe that the truth is that Trump is the president elected by most Americans, and Biden’s subsequent overtake is the result of cheating.

The fact is also that all the states where Biden later overtook the bizarre number of votes than registered voters. Suddenly, there was no reason to stop counting votes. After a few hours, Biden was in a rocket-like lead; there were no more than 100,000 votes in the midnight ghost. Exceptions are Biden; countless people who have been dead for many years are voting; many voters are shown to be over 120 or even 170 years old; thousands of votes cast by Trump are found to be counted as Biden; democracy Party states violated regulations to prohibit Republican vote-taking inspectors from jointly scrutinizing votes; some states use the voting system produced by Pelosi’s companies, whether or not Trump’s votes are recorded as voting for Biden, and so on. Then according to many Statehouse synchronized elections member of Republican senators are leading Democrat victory over a dozen points, while in the same region Trump has lost Biden to analyze the phenomenon, in addition to the Democratic ballot fraud cheating In addition, the only explanation is that the local voters are schizophrenic. They voted for Republican congressmen, but they magically voted for the Democratic president.

Therefore, there are no waves without wind, and there must be demons in the abnormal. We have reason to believe the truth is that Trump significantly ahead of Biden, and actually 11 Yue 3 statutory election day has been fantastic, and then to begin the Democrats no bottom line in several key states, no scruples, unprincipled vote cheating Falsification has led to the current situation where Biden has overtaken and is almost winning, and this kind of vote falsification is a premeditated, well-prepared and widely organized behavior.

Then the current crisis so acute Biden and White House seems one step, one-sided mainstream media social software to Biden’s case, Trump win it? Yes, Trump will definitely win, he will enter the White House in 2021 , lead the United States, lead the world, and complete his unfinished business, and the four-year Trump term in the second term will be more exciting and more exciting than the first term. People are excited because Trump never disappoints his supporters and always gives more than expected. In the 2020 U.S. election, Trump will win and must win, because if Trump is cheated by the Biden Democratic Party this time, there will never be a future. This is the final battle. If we cannot defend our votes this time, there will be no votes that truly represent our will in the future.

Talk about three reasons Trump must win:

The first administrative judicial system to resolve disputes peacefully is beneficial to Trump

A major feature of democratic countries is that there are disputes that can be resolved peacefully instead of violence by relying on a trustworthy system. The separation of powers in the United States: Judiciary, Congress, and Administration. The number of Supreme Court justices is the absolute advantage of the Republican Party. Trump counts as one point; Congress Trump controls the Senate majority party as 0.5 points; Biden controls the House majority party as 0.5 points; the administration is controlled by Trump’s White House team and counts one point; if necessary If the mainstream media is considered the fourth right, then Biden is one point; the comparison is that Trump 2.5 points to Biden 1.5 points, and Trump is better than Biden in resolving disputes between the two sides of a normal procedure and peaceful gentleman.

The second people have the awareness and ability to defend the elected President Trump with arms

Trump’s Republican Party has always supported the American people’s right to own guns, while the Democrats are the opposite. Because Gong Huo Party Performed constitutional rationale idea is that the American people have the right to armed overthrow of tyranny, so people have the right gun. As the saying goes, there is a lingering fragrance in the hands of roses. Armed people also have the ability to defend their elected president. Most of the supporters of the Republican Party are voters with gun ideas and qualifications. Various militia organizations and firearms associations will hold weapons to deter all conspiracies that dare to use improper means to overthrow the elected president. In the face of such an armed people, any conspirator must be cautious when doing evil. The key is that the only possible participation of the armed forces police force is Trump’s staunch supporter, thanks to the Biden Democratic Party for supporting Antifa and other ultra-left organizations to mess up the United States to fish in troubled waters and long-term suppression of the police system. US military owned by the state is not involved in internal party strife, that decorum situation under conditions, Trump force values can be easily rolled Biden Democrats. To put it straightforwardly, Biden controls the American moneybags (Wall Street and big capitalists) and pens (mainstream media and high-tech companies), but Trump controls the American knives (police and armed people). If the Democratic Party can’t resolve the election disputes peacefully by playing a rogue, the knife is much easier to use than a purse and a pen.

Third, Trump’s Taoists help others to help themselves

One of the most critical factors for Trump to win is that Trump deserves this victory! He is a tough fighter who will never give up. In the face of even more sinister conspiracies and powerful enemies, as long as you don’t give up, someone will fight with you until you succeed. Trump has proven to us that he is a warrior who is more and more courageous until victory. The Biden Democrats are accustomed to conspiracy, but this time the bully found the wrong opponent and kicked it on the steel plate. The U.S. Supreme Court has intervened in the vote fraud case at Trump’s request; the U.S. Senate and the Republican Party have announced that they will stand with Trump under any circumstances; voters in 50 U.S. states have begun to take to the streets to support Trump and protect their President recapture the votes are represented by Democrat Joe Biden; large main American religious teachings explicitly called on all those who believe in God the United States (population accounted for 60% ) strongly supports Trump, is standing on the side of God against the sub-plot to reshape the world of darkness; There are also the jealous relatives of Trump’s first family from his wife to his son, daughter, and son-in-law, who have always given Trump spiritual and deed support that others cannot give.

The most important thing is in God and with Donald Trump, Trump with God and in the upper Di and with Donald Trump in. Many friends think that God’s blessing is just a blessing, but I think this is the fundamental factor that Trump must win, because apart from this, the rest are for people to understand and talk about, and this is the real reason. Friends, we ask ourselves why we support Trump? Is it for the benefit of policy or to make more money for yourself, or is it because you hate Biden? If it is not, it is because we want to see justice done, fairness upheld, truth can be announced, and freedom protected. We believe that Trump represents light and hope, and we support the production and generalization so that our children can live in a beautiful, fair and orderly world in the future, so please believe that our support for Trump is a blessed power. It comes from the original love of all things. So Trump will surely get God’s favor.

Why is Trump sure to win, because God is with Trump, the son of light, and all those who support Trump because of love!

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