Call of Duty poll uncovers which classic Black Ops maps players want next in Cold War

In a brand new Dexerto poll, fans uncovered which multiplayer maps from different past Black Ops games that they’d want to see remastered in Black Ops Cold War during the game’s forthcoming DLC releases.

With Black Ops Cold War’s post-launch content release simply starting up, there’s no doubt as far as anyone can tell that players will get some remasters of classic Black Ops maps eventually, for example, how Raid and Nuketown were brought back.

While the community doesn’t have any direct impact in deciding which maps will get remastered, a new poll led by Dexerto has uncovered what remasters they might want to see from future DLC drops.

Coming in first place with almost 44.6% of the vote is the Black Ops 2 map Standoff. The map was at that point changed once in Black Ops 3 and keeping in mind that it has appreciated appearances in BO4’s Blackout mode and CoD: Mobile, it’s not been remastered a ton and is positively still a fan favorite.

In second place was another Black Ops 2 map, Hijacked. Like Standoff, this little map was additionally changed in Black Ops 3 and showed up in Blackout and CoD: Mobile too. The gap between both Black Ops 2 maps in the poll is significant, with a detachment of over 10%.

Third and fourth place are the Black Ops 1 maps Firing Range and Summit, respectively. The gap between these two and the first pair is faltering, with just 15% of voters wanting the previous and just 8% wanting the latter.

This shouldn’t be very astounding either, as both have been remastered on different times, showing up in literally each and every Black Ops game in one manner, shape, or form.

Past the four accessible in the poll, one map that likewise showed up a few times in the comments was Radiation from Black Ops 1. This map is unique for the way that it hasn’t been remastered at all since it’s original release, which means it’s been 10 years since players have stepped foot in there.

Toward the day’s end, who understands what maps will be returning for Black Ops Cold War.

While it would be decent for more obscure maps like Radiation to show up, by the day’s end, it seems like Treyarch wants to stick to famous maps for the present.

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