Overview of the flow value public chain FLOWCOIN

It is a recognized fact that traditional Internet traffic is becoming more and more expensive. How to obtain effective, accurate, and cost-effective traffic has become a common problem faced by Internet companies.

If the traffic provider provides high-quality traffic, it will give certain additional rewards, and these rewards can buy the traffic it needs again. In other words, the supplier can also obtain the flow that he needs while providing the flow to get paid, and a flow value ecological closed loop can be formed.

After the closed loop of the flow value ecology is formed, the flow side is both the provider and the demand side, and the flow is circulated in the ecology, which improves efficiency and accuracy, reduces the flow cost, and makes the flow ecology more valuable.

Blockchain technology provides the possibility to establish a closed loop of flow value ecology. It uses distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other technologies to store the data originally only recorded on the central server in a block series manner to each node in the network center, realizing data recording It is traceable and cannot be tampered with.

In the era of blockchain 4.0, the blockchain has opened up a new “Internet of Value”. “Traffic is king and user first” is still the main theme of the current era. In the future, whoever can get more accurate traffic will be able to control it. Future and wealth. Therefore, a distributed traffic storage public chain FLOWCOIN, which is developed in combination with IPFS distributed technology, was born.

FLOWCOIN is a protocol token. Its blockchain runs on a new type of proof mechanism called “time-space proof”. Its blocks will be created by miners who store data. The FLOWCOIN protocol provides data storage services and retrieval services through a network that does not rely on a single coordinated independent storage provider. Among them:

(1) Users pay for data storage and retrieval;

(2) Storage miners earn tokens by providing storage space;

(3) Search for miners to provide data services to earn tokens.

Simply put, the FLOWCOIN protocol is a decentralized storage network built on blockchain and local protocols. Users spend tokens for storing and retrieving data, and miners earn tokens by storing and providing data.

The original purpose of FLOWCOIN was to encourage all participants to make more contributions to the network. Every participant (including target customers, miners, investors, etc.) will gain income by making effective contributions to the overall network. The more you contribute, the more benefits you get. Through the incentive mechanism, the service quality of the entire network is improved. Through a fully open bidding market, all participants can obtain file storage services at a very low price. Customers can adjust storage strategies to meet their needs, creating a custom balance between redundancy, retrieval speed, and cost.

Why use blockchain to solve the traffic problem?

The Internet has no boundaries, especially traffic. Traffic has only traffic attributes, without any geographical restrictions and other factors. It faces a huge market for global Internet traffic. Moreover, each traffic party has both the identity of the supplier and the demander. For example, as a supplier, a video website can direct its traffic to a third-party platform, and as a demander, it also needs more users to watch the video.

Blockchain accelerates the operation of the traffic industry. The traditional traffic exchange method has the phenomenon of resource waste caused by low utilization rate.

In other words, there is a problem of mismatch between the supply side and the demand side of the flow, and what FLOWCOIN has to solve is the problem of precise matching.

FLOWCOIN plays more of a rewarding role in the closed-loop flow ecology. Many things cannot be accurately valued in fiat currency, especially in the traffic conversion industry. The emergence of FLOWCOIN is based on the traditional constant value, giving FLW tokens equivalent to rewards to solve this dilemma and accelerate the ecological circulation. And with the growth of business volume, FLOWCOIN will form an increasingly larger ecosystem. With the circulation of FLOWCOIN in the project, its value will gradually become prominent.

Comparison of FLOWCOIN and traditional cloud storage services

FLOWCOIN redefines the flow distribution method, all participants in the autonomous community are equal, and there is no privileged identity. The autonomous community must ensure that it cannot be controlled by any person or organization; let more enthusiasts voluntarily improve this public chain, build a community ecology, share wealth, and seek a common future.

Outstanding advantages of the FLOWCOIN project:

FLW’s mission is to build a world-class decentralized shared computing resource network ecosystem through blockchain and network acceleration technology. FLW connects both supply and demand parties to help node sharers realize their resources and improve resource utilization.

Globalization: Driven by blockchain technology, the global layout of cloud computing ecology for the sharing economy

Standards: Built with community resources and wisdom, a shared computing industry standard based on blockchain

Create value: Use redundant and idle bandwidth resources to create hundreds of billions of ecological service exchange value;

Model innovation: Shared computing model, cloud computing resource and digital commodity exchange innovative model;

Implementation principle: Shared computing connects idle bandwidth resources, computing resources, and storage resources, and then provides them to those in need. This is a disruptive innovation that reduces enterprise bandwidth costs and users’ online entertainment costs.

FLOWCOIN is positioned as an access point for global traffic in the future. Whether it is for blockchain projects or Internet projects, import more accurate and larger traffic. It is hoped that the accuracy of transactions facilitated on the platform will become higher and higher as the rules are formulated, which will bring more precise and long-term profit methods to traffic parties. Let the supply side focus on the content, and let the demand side spend the least price and get the greatest rights and interests.

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