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As the colder months approach, millions of people across the nation are gearing up for the inevitable cough, cold and flu season. Recently, Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Darria Long, conducted a satellite media tour to share tips and advice on how to stay healthy and prepared.

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As the colder months approach, millions of people across the nation are gearing up for the inevitable cold and flu season. The cough, cold and flu season is marked by a significant increase in the spread of respiratory viruses, which can lead to a surge in illnesses and medical visits.

Advanced preparation provides an opportunity to ensure that necessary supplies, medications, and remedies are readily available. Having essential items, like Mucinex 12H, on hand before symptoms strike can make a significant difference.

Mucinex 12-Hour relieves chest congestion and thins and loosens mucus. It is clinically proven to last up to 12 hours and provide relief for your chest congestion and make coughs more productive.

One dose of Mucinex 12-Hour lasts 3 times longer than other 4-HR medicines helping individuals manage discomfort effectively and get back to their daily activities sooner.

Always use over-the-counter products as directed. If symptoms persist, you should contact your healthcare professional and get checked out if deemed necessary.

Taking better care of ourselves during the cough, cold and flu season is paramount to staying healthy and minimizing the risk of falling ill.

Key preventative measures like washing your hands often, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and sneezing into your elbow if you dont have a tissue are extremely effective at preventing the spread of germs.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Adequate sleep, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, regular physical activity, and managing stress contribute to a strong immune system. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water and herbal teas, can also help keep our respiratory tract moist and better able to fend off viruses.

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BIO: Dr. Darria Long, MD

Dr. Darria Long leverages the best of science, to make our lives healthier, better and easier. By combining her lifes work as an Emergency Room physician and being a mom of two Dr. Darria has become the nations making life better for women doctor by helping individuals pave ways to stay present and remain healthy during times of constant distractions and high stress.

With a website devoted to distilling health headlines and creating a thriving lifestyle, Dr. Darria shares simple, evidence-based (from western, eastern, and integrative medicine) advice on physical and mental wellness, and the health guidance youd expect and trust from a close friend. A favored national TV contributor and national bestselling author of Mom Hacks, Dr. Darria is also a TED speaker How to triage your life like an ER doctor, and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee. She received her training in emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

A featured regular on CNN, Headline News, NBC, Interview Healthline, Hallmark, Lifetime, Dr. Oz, Thrive Global, Atlanta Small Business Network, Parenting for the future, and many others.

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