“The Kong Show on TV!” A Comedy WebSeries will be filmed before a live audience at 3308 Eats N Drinks in Astoria Queens

Powell Chuck E Baby and Ella Miz E with a Z from the webseries The Kong Show on TV

New York City, New York Oct 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – “The Kong Show on TV!” is an online comedy sitcom that can be viewed on LiveOne.TV, YouTube, and Vimeo and has been the official selection of Web Fest Global, will be filmed in Astoria, Queens New York, before a live audience at 3308 Eats N Drinks, in the downstairs party room of a gastropub located on 3308 Broadway in Astoria, Queens New York.

The pilot episode of “The Kong Show on TV!” a comedy web series filmed in New York City, in the neighborhood of Astoria/Long Island City, in the Kaufman Astoria Arts district, around the corner from the famous Astoria Kaufman studios, in the borough of Queens, is currently on Roku TV in an independent film contest and excerpts can also be viewed on LiveOne.TV.

The contest on Roku TV exposes indie short films, music videos, feature films, or documentaries to brand new, targeted movie watchers.

Independent filmmaker Ella Smith and her co-producer and spouse Powell Leonard, are the founders of the Astoria, Queens-based Powella Productions. He’s Powell, she’s Ella, together they’re Powella Productions, producers of the onstage comedy variety show “The Kong Show” and their latest endeavor, the comedy web series “The Kong Show on TV!” Their pilot episode entitled “The Kong Show on TV: The Last Pilot!” has been chosen to be featured on Roku TV and an excerpt from their onstage comedy variety show can now also be viewed on LiveOne.TV.

On Monday, October 25th at 7 pm, they will be filming portions of another episode of “The Kong Show on TV!” before a live audience at 3308 Eats and Drinks, a gastropub located at 3308 Broadway in Astoria, Queens, in the downstairs party room, for one night only, an audience can gather to watch the filming of “The Kong Show in Astoria: Monday Night Magic Spooktacular!” Featuring Kongsational performers: Mentalist Tommy Burnett (New York’s Got Talent – Season 3), Magician Rene Clement (Chief Entertainment Officer RC Magic & Comedy), Magician Rogue Quan (America’s Got Talent – Season 9), and Magician Doc Sasko (Abracadabra Magic Shop), with the LionHearted Players sketch comedy troupe: Tammie Peterson, and Powell Leonard, hosted by comedian Hurricane Sandy, with a special appearance by Andy Lachman as the Ride Share Rabbi.

Produced by “The Kong Show on TV!” Producers Powell ‘Chuck E Baby’ Leonard and Ella “Miz E with a Z’ Smith, Powella Productions. Lights, Camera, Sound, Director Tom Bibla. It’s more than just sketching! It’s more than just standing up! It’s more than you can imagine! It’s “The Kong Show on TV!” live on stage.

Audience members can show up early to the venue to enjoy the 3308 Eats N Drinks “The Astoria” cocktail while getting a chance to meet the performers. To be part of the live studio/party room audience, audience members can RSVP for a seat by going to LiveOne.TV Tickets. Tickets are $10.

Costumes are encouraged! Anyone with a costume gets a complimentary “Kong Show on TV!” button! (While supplies last)

Please note: Proof of Vaccination Required to Enter Venue

Powella Productions “The Kong Show on TV!” a comedy web series filmed in Astoria, is produced by Astoria Characters Powell ‘Chuck E. Baby’ Leonard and Ella ‘Miz E’ Smith, and freelance director and editor Tom Bibla. These days, you can often spot the editor and the producers of “The Kong Show on TV!” dining outdoors at Cronin & Phelan’s Bar and Restaurant around the corner from Steinway on Broadway. One of the featured performers in the comedy web series, Stand Up Comedy Magic Irish Dave Cremin, can often be found serving drinks and performing magic there. He makes the drinks appear!

Seeing familiar Astoria neighbors, friends, business owners and performers on-screen is one reason why people watch “The Kong Show on TV!” comedy web series. The scenes take place at a fictional tv station, Station KNG-TV, but are actually filmed at familiar New York City locals, like Cronin and Phelan’s Bar and Restaurant in Astoria, the Iguana VIP Lounge around the corner from “The Late Show” in Manhattan, 3308 Eats and Drinks on Broadway in Astoria, Queens and unusual spaces like the L.IC. Tonsorial, a barbershop by day, and event space by night. The characters on screen and also on stage, are familiar because in real life they may be your neighbor, your bartender, or a local musician or even a local performer that you may have also seen before on “Saturday Night Live” or “America’s Got Talent” or on LiveOne.TV, like local artist Tammie Peterson, of TammiePeterson.Art, whose art is currently on display at the gallery space at LiveOne.TV or Dr. Cori Stern, who plays a doctor in a sketch and is also one in real life at HealthPoint Natural Nutrition Center. “The Kong Show on TV!” performers are local performers that you actually may know off-screen, or saw online in their own virtual interactive show on Zoom, or Facebook Live, or special event.

The filmmakers of Powella Productions, partner with local businesses for filming locals, while providing local talent with an opportunity to represent their talents on screen.

You can watch even more magic, music, comedy, and fun now on Roku TV and LiveOne.TV, as well as on YouTube and Vimeo.

Many Thanks to the many Kongtastic performers that have been part of “The Kong Show!” live comedy variety shows and the web series filmed in New York City, in Astoria, Queens “The Kong Show on TV!”

“The Kong Show on TV!” takes place inside KNG-TV station, where live studio performances are being filmed. Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes, Maroney Sparks, owner of KNG-TV, is attempting to close the station in an attempt to score millions in a twisted tax fraud scheme. Hilarity ensues as billionaire Maroney Sparks is thwarted by the forces of fun frantic antics from one Chuck E Baby, Miz E with a Z!, and their loyal fans, along with an accountant who’s in a witness protection program and a few secret agents from more than one side working to save and/or destroy the world. It all happens in a world that’s more than just a sketch, a universe that’s more than just stand-up, a dimension that’s more than you can imagine. And, that dimension is called, “The Kong Show on TV!”

KNG-TV station and the behind-the-scenes staff are fictional, but the studio performers are real performers that you can join at a live event, interact with on Zoom or Facebook Live, or hire to perform for your own special event.

“The Kong Show on TV!” web series is like “30 Rock” and “The Producers” with a dash of “The Twilight Zone” and “SNL” mixed with “SCTV!”

In the web series pilot episode “The Kong Show on TV!: The Last Pilot!” Rik Sansone appears as the billionaire KNG-TV station owner Maroney Sparks; Maurice Kessler as KNG-TV station accountant Mo Flemkoff; Frau Stassi as secret agent Hirself; magician Rene Clement as secret agent and talent manager Marty Portabras; Powell Leonard as comedy show host Chuck E. Baby, Ella Smith as wacky co-host Miz E with a Z, and studio performers: musician Killy ‘Mockstar’ Dwyer, SNL comedian Bob Greenberg, Stand Up Comedy Magic Irish Dave Cremin

“The Kong Show on TV!” We’re Kongtastic!

In “The Kong Show on TV!” half of the fun of the show is the Kongsational editing by Tom Bibla, it’s something impressive and different, and the producers Powell Leonard and Ella Smith have recruited a variety of Kongtastically talented performers to show something amazing to the public who have a keen interest in watching sketch comedy and vaudeville-style variety!

Following is an excerpt from an interview with Ella Smith, one of the producers of “The Kong Show!”


Please tell people what they’ll experience at “The Kong Show in Astoria: Monday Night Magic Spooktacular!” Will it be spooky? Yes, The show will be Spooky and Spectacular! We’re Celebrating Halloween Early! “The Kong Show: Monday Night Magic Spooktacular Show!” is a spectacular event featuring some of NYC’s most amazing magicians who live right here in Queens! We bring Spooktacular performers and the audience is encouraged to celebrate Halloween early by wearing costumes to the show! The show will feature the as seen on “America’s Got Talent – Season 9” Magician Rogue Quan with his danger magic; plus New York’s Favorite Mind Reader Tommy Burnett, who tells you what you are thinking even before you know you thought it! Super spooky! And from Abracadabra Magic Shop, where it is spooky all year long, we’ve got Doc Sasko; and as seen on WPIX 11 Magician of the Year 2017, Rene Clement, who is more fun than spooky, but just wait until you meet him! Plus, along with the spooky thrills and chills, we’ve got lots of laughs with sketch comedy with The LionHearted Players sketch comedy troupe featuring artist, actress Tammie Peterson, of Tammie Peterson dot ART and Powell ‘Chuck E. Baby’ Leonard actor, writer, producer of Kong Show TV. Plus the guest MC will make you laugh up a storm, Hurricane Sandy comedy, and a special visitor stopping by to comment on all the festivities with hilarious words of wisdom, the Ride Share Rabbi, played by LionHearted Player sketch comedy troupe player Andy Lachman.

Will you be performing there, as well? He’s Powell and I’m Ella. Together we’re Powella Productions. Although we are often in front of the camera as our characters that we play online in “The Kong Show on TV!” on YouTube and Vimeo, and soon on LiveOne.TV, during the life in person shows, producer Powell Leonard likes to stay out of the spotlight. For the life in person shows the focus is on our guest performers! We have an amazing lineup of performers that you can follow in their own shows or even hire for your next special event.

Please talk about your web series, online show, etc. How can people stream both? The web series “The Kong Show on TV!” can be seen on YouTube, Vimeo, and soon on LiveOne.TV. The pilot episode “The Kong Show on TV: The Last Pilot!” is also on Roku TV.

How did you come up with your unique Kong Show TV concept? We started out with a writer’s workshop at Planet One Cafe in the East Village and then we graduated to doing shows at local Queens venues, including some great local restaurants like 3308 Eats N Drinks gastropub where we will do our October 25th show “The Kong Show in Astoria: Monday Night Magic Spooktacular! At 7 pm downstairs in the Eats N Drinks party room; and Burger Village located on Broadway and 41st Street, right here in Astoria Queens, where we will have performers entertaining at the Astoria Entrepreneurs Pop Up shop on Saturday, November 13th from 11 am to 4 pm.

When is your talk show at LiveOneTV studio? Can folks see it live for free? Every Second Sunday of the Month, in person at LiveOne.TV, located at 35-12 Astoria Blvd., folks can see for free a live-in-person taping of “Entertainment with Ella” at LiveOne.TV. “Entertainment with Ella” is produced live every second Sunday of the month with a live studio audience at LiveOne.TV at 35-12 Astoria Boulevard in Astoria, Queens. The next taping is on November 14th at 7 pm. Audience members can arrive at 6 pm at the LiveOne.TV studio for a studio tour, view the art gallery, hear about upcoming workshops and sign up for a Meet Up for filmmakers’ and artists group. Once the show is taped, it is available to watch on LiveOne.TV. We’ve taped comedian Zo Ez, of Destination to Wellness, the winner of the Indie Roundtable, Indie Black Film, and City Buzz Radio Comedy Contest, We got to hear about his mission for health through laughter. Next, we are taping Tammie Peterson actress, heART artist, pet portrait painter, and gift card artist on Sunday, November 14th. You can see her art online at TammiePeterson.Art. And we will also interview. Sophocles Plokomakis, founder of Start Shows, a business that creates artistic events for emerging and seasoned artists in NYC art galleries to exhibit their art, network with art collectors, curators, and artists, and sell their art. He’s also an author and illustrator who has published several books including “Subway Stories” which you can purchase directly from him on November 14. I’m so excited because I’ve already got an autographed copy of Sophocles Plokamakis’ book! As a collaborative project with Sophocles Plokamakis, I hope to be able to turn some of the amusing subway stories into sketch comedy to be performed by Powell Leonard’s LionHearted Players sketch comedy troupe.

What do you enjoy doing in Astoria? What do I enjoy doing in Astoria? That would have to be going around town with “The Kong Show” mascot Lenny the Lionhearted player and chatting on Facebook Live or Instagram Live about Kongtastic things to see and do and buy. Side B is a great Thrift and Gift shop. I love their collection. I got some great outfits there and they are located right around the corner from Astoria Kaufman studios. Burger Village is a great restaurant on Broadway and 41st with fresh organic salads and burgers, I plan on having Burger Village salads as part of my getting back in shape plan. I also enjoy pampering myself, I’m planning on a massage from Quintessential Therapy Massage and Wellness here in Astoria. Also, I love getting pampered with hot towels and a haircut at the very classy L.I.C. Tonsorial barbershop, it’s also a performance space that we did a “Kong Show” at too. Another favorite place is Cronin & Phelan’s and chatting with bartender Dave Cremin, who is also a stand-up comedy magician too. He was featured in the “New York Times” and has been in many Astoria “Kong Shows”! And now, of course, there’s 3308 Eats N Drink’s with their amazing truffle fries and the cocktail called the Astoria! I love Astoria, the drink, and the neighborhood too! Oh! I can’t forget to mention Ian Snow and LiveOne.TV! LiveOne is a local TV studio and community event space available for parties and special events. They have Super Silk Screen classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and health and fitness with Natural Capeoria martial arts, plus art galleries, filmmakers’, actors’ and artists’ Meet Ups, too. I enjoy meeting amazing Astorians and interviewing them on the new talk show that Ian Snow is the producer of “Entertainment with Ella!” I got to interview Denise and Serena of the Aloha Luxor Suites, a premier event space also located on Astoria Boulevard. Come visit Astoria! Astoria is amazing!

As seen on Season 9 of AmericaFrom Abracadabra Magic Shop DocSASKOMind Reader Tommy Burnett  Monday Night Magic SpooktacularRene Clement Chief Entertainment Officer RC Magic

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