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Ontario, Canada Oct 30, 2021 ( – World Tattoo Portal offers a large collection of tattoo ideas for men and women. The trend of getting a tattoo continues to grow among men and women today exemplifying their perspectives or personality as a permanent token of personal gratitude. If statistics are to be believed, the tattoo industry has also flourished during the pandemic as more and more people are gravitating towards some kind of creative outlet for their feelings and emotions.

The company has gathered a beautiful collection of unique, meaningful, and adorable tattoos, especially for female customers. They take up tattoo projects on different parts of the body such as thigh, arm, back, etc. The size of a tattoo does not matter as long as it makes an impression. Especially for women, smaller tattoos are trending today. Tiny or cute tattoo ideas are a rave right now and the artists at World Tattoo Portal are competent and talented enough to bring out each customer’s desires onto their skin. An individual’s personality stands out well through tattoos as a form of self-expression. It also shows valor and a sense of acceptance. Through their services, they aim to provide unique ideas and educate people about the procedure and safety measures that entail a successful project.

With World Tattoo Portal, one can pick out separately the ideal design ideas for themselves. One can also go by their creative instincts by combining different ideas and reaching their best version of self-expression. They also offer body piercings including ears, eyebrows, lips, abdomens, and belly buttons. They are professionals in the business who have acquired the expertise of both piercing and tattooing over the years. Additionally, they also provide ideas and suggestions for making piercing and tattooing a fun and exciting experience. When customers choose to have their ears, nose, eyebrows, or other body parts pierced, their tips will be of great benefit to them. They are not only concerned about the specific piercing or the tattoo but also interested in showing them how they can use trendy jewelry to show the piercing in a unique way or how to carry the tattoo for the maximum style quotient.

With a long pandemic ruling our lives for almost two years now, people have been immensely impacted. So, globally, people started going impulsive and doing things they might not have considered doing before. Although tattoo parlors were closed for many months owing to the global outbreak of the virus, they are also seeing a surge in demand. It could be that following the lifting of the lockdown, there began a rush on getting tattoos done. It is expected that the tattoo industry which stands at $1.4 billion will increase its size in the market by 23.2% in 2021 alone. It exhibits that people have started taking more impulsive decisions following the pandemic. Since piercings and tattoos are something permanent, there has always been an underlined taboo in society. But with the current exponential resurgence, these inhibitions are slowly lowering.

The ongoing success seen in the tattoo industry surpasses many other consumer-driven industries including restaurants or theatres. There are many significant and popular media outlets that have statistically shown the increase in tattoo enthusiasts following the lockdown. It is not just restricted to a certain region but is a global surge. Psychologically and based on modern culture, it could be a result of the collective ‘YOLO mentality’ that says ‘You Only Live Once’. There is instant gratification in getting a tattoo and could be one of the main reasons behind it. After a harrowing mental trauma, people find themselves feeling good to do something for themselves. Since other sources of entertainment were closed, many tattoo shops continued with their operations.

With this growing demand, there came a point of scarcity in supplies especially due to the enforcement of safety protocols. However, with time, the chain has balanced out and there is no standing shortage of supplies in the tattoo industry.

World Tattoo Portal is providing their creative and artistic mind for their customers to exemplify their own selves with a meaning or purpose. One can choose from their existing design ideas, mix and match and come up with their own. They follow all safety guidelines and make sure that each customer is handled with care and hygiene. For more information, visit their website at

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