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International Music Artist Intelligent Diva does more than just music

Jacksonville, Florida Nov 7, 2021 ( – Intelligent Diva has definitely been making her mark this year in the world of indie music. She has been making achieving some major milestones with v limited bandwidth. As we all know today is the last day to submit Grammy votes for the 2022 nominations, and Intelligent Diva had her #1 hit single Sex to a Sax featuring Aaron Bing submitted and it was accepted. Even though this is not a nomination, this is a milestone. I.D. has been hitting some major milestones .

The artist started releasing music under own independent label Intelligent Diva Music, where she had a blueprint for her career. Most artist seek major labels due to funding reasons. However, the artist decided that she would take an alternate route by focusing on developing a solid business plan and making sure the business structure was solid. With just a small crew, and using her own funding she ensured that songs were copyrighted and she also has a trademark for her brand. The artist has a full-time job which she utilizes to support the funding of her business. She didn’t obtain a PPP loan or any EIDL loan opportunites.

Utilizing her skillsets around writing, marketing, and along with her other corporate skillsets, the artist decided that she would utilizes various companies across projects by partnering with them to execute various task within the getting her music to the market.

The road had its ups and downs and based on the obstacles she faced, the artist decided that she would go through the process and turn them into a profit by creating educational opportunities and job opportunities under the Intelligent Diva Music umbrella.

As an recording artist, entrepreneur, and full-time employee the artist divides her time up each work to ensure that she takes time to contribute because she has invested a lot of money in to forming the structure. In order to control the cost, the goal of the artist is to have a one stop shop umbrella, with the same business practices as major label. But it will also include focusing on allowing the artist to expand their brand based on their skillsets.

Under the umbrella of Intelligent Diva Music, she has launched an internal music pr department, where the department works in parallel with external vendors to ensure, the news around the projects is delivered accurately. Intelligent Diva says we leave the music marketing up to the record label Musik and Film due to their expertise.

However, Intelligent Diva Music has also launched a web documentary series which will be educational where she ‘ll share her journey as an independent artist. It will also include information around task which an artist can perform on their own when they are on budget. The web series will also display her acting skills as well as the acting skills other upcoming voice actors, actors and actresses to re-create characters who have played a major part in her life. The monologues are intended to be funny while also displaying the skills sets of independent film makers, photographers, editors. Intelligent Diva tells us this can be a contribution to the job market. For those who are seeking to be part of the project. She can hire them to be apart of it. It can also be an opportunity for students. Intelligent Diva is also a member of Film Florida where she follows up on the latest legislature, and Covid compliance topics.

The name of the web documentary is called the Evolution of a Diva, the filming of the project slowed down due to Covid. However, the music artist plans to continue filming for the remainder this year. The artist also will be launching a magazine under the IDM library which will allow another indie artist to be featured in the magazine who are signed to the label. It will also include music artist who appear as features, upcoming actors, actresses, also those who are signed to Intelligent Diva Music.

Along with this is her online merchandise store called IDMMerchBoutique . You can visit her online store using the following link Intelligent Diva ( The artist states all of the proceeds from the store are used to support music projects under Intelligent Diva Music. Due to the fact the artist is full time employee, she focuses more on a business-to-business model. There are phases within this process which she is focused. The ultimate goal was to get the music out there and to build a brand, to let you know we are a small independent record label focusing with major label business practices. With a background in project management and technology, the label focuses on the music artist becoming entrepreneurs. The goal is to create your own seat at the table, if nobody wants to give one.

Intelligent Diva Music focuses on writing original music only where there is no sampling. We want the artist to establish a brand and own it. Most independent artist may another job in order to support their career. Therefore, social media might not contain a high number of followers. However, there are other ways. It takes money to make money. Therefore, by being original, you create original music and content showcasing your abilities. As an artist, Intelligent Diva is a singer, songwriter, producer, model, actress, lyricist, and entrepreneur, with a large background in many facets which contribute to the entertainment industry. Under Intelligent Diva Music, we plan on releasing E-books and videos for people to learn about the business from all ages.

On top having products, such as songs sold on streaming sites, plans to sell E-books, selling of advertising space, and merchandise which she plans on using the funds to place them back into company because of her love for music. It also creates jobs and opportunities for new entrepreneurs to create their own business and portfolio of music which can be worth a financial investment in the future. Intelligent Diva has 7 singles which have charted this year. The artist focuses on ensuring that continues to have a portfolio of major hits. Across streaming platforms, the music artist Intelligent Diva has over 1million streams her music catalog without a major label.

She is a music artist, business owner, and entrepreneur who doesn’t want to be kept inside of a box. Intelligent Diva hopes the future of Intelligent Diva Music is to have entire virtual platform, that will support indie artist across the world, and also educate them about the business and helping them to become more than just music artist just like her. This would be major impact to music industry for all independent artist.

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Intelligent Diva Photography by IDM  ProductionsMakeup by ElitelashesbeautycoIntelligent Diva Photography by IDM  ProductionsMakeup by Elitelashesbeautyco

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