Metavorz (META) will build the next web 4.0 metaverse with its own Blockchain City in the Far East!


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Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Nov 6, 2021 ( – The Metavorz is a Gateway to Metaverse that allowed everyone and anyone to take part into one of the most exciting metaverse project-building experience of our time making anyone as co-founders and not just products in the metavorz SeDApps!

Since the day of the web 1.0 to 2.0, the world transitioned into something digital readying a migration shift into web 3.0 building a semantic and decentralized web with the power of autonomous technology in artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology metaverse.

The name “Metaverse” is the new and hot buzz as most big corporations also switched to adapt to the new trending technological grasp.

As we moved forward, quantum computing has reached the peak of the golden age to boot the so-called web 4.0+.

In the year 2023, the project Metavorz will be adapting to integrate quantum methodology into its ecosystem along with A.I and Blockchain.

Metavorz aimed to build its first social network blockchain platforms first to build that blockchain smart city of dreams called Ophir in the future.

In the year 2022 Q4, it will also start building its own mainnet blockchain Layer 3 EVM from the casper 2.0 update hard fork while implementing the quantum technology concept for a better cyber security and while reducing bugs to make it functional less error in that very future.

The “Build With META” Program will allow the project’s goal to find the most suitable talent and skills letting them join the movement of the Blockchain and Crypto Army building the Metavorz Evosystem (Evolution System).

The project aimed to build a metaverse where all the users, enthusiast, builders developers, and hackers joined altogether to build a more central-free yet decentralized environment for mass adapting technologies while pushing the semantic freedom in the people’s will to build idea.

The age if quantum computing is around the corner and in the year 2025+ the project Metavorz will be building a new kind of relation. A Semi-centralised yet semi-decentralized concept called the Axentralized.

Starting with our projects the SeDApps or Semi-Decentralized Apps in able for it to muster the army of Metavorzers. This will increase the traffic to the project aa well as build the metaverse of the future.

Mass Technological Adaption is the main goal of the project that someday humanity will once again flourished with the new Automata HIVE. Nano Technology, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, so on should be adapted as fast as we can to expand in the cosmos sooner than later.

The Metavorz SeDApps

Metavorz will first build the SeDApps starting with the KetKot and NFT marketplace to build its first use-case in the meta society of the Metavorz.

The governance token of the METAVORZ is called $META with a total supply of 100 Billion that will be very useful for scaling the project in vetoing, integration, and so on.

That very governance token will be added to the quickswap for liquidity and trade. META the token will also reward the users while maintaining the liquidity pool for it to grow. Soon the token will be pegged and migrated in the newer Metavorz mainnet token in the future.

To start the idea the team tokenized and conceptualized the push of META instead of following the old seed raising of most traditional startups as it followed the IDO route for its raising path.

Project META will scale in the Polygon Network L2 for now to save the high cost of gas fees from other chains allowing the smooth influx of users for its SeDApps soon.

The first SeDApps is KetKot that will let the people enjoy having fun while earning at the same time. A fun-to-earn concept will be implemented as well gamification in the app is the key for it to work.

The development team is the people who believes on it to push the idea of Metavorz. In short, the community and the devs are all equal in footing without any boss at all. Anyone can join the development team! Metavorz opened the opportunity gateway for anyone to build inside the Evosystem and build a better metaverse.

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